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 Ital Costruzioni - Production of industrial details and mechanical designs of large dimensions (series) commissioned by clients in various countries of Europe - Guaranteed quality in compliance with EU standards.

This is an excerpt of RAI programs - the "Virus" - filmed in Albania (2015), dealing with the issue of transfers of Italian companies in countries outside Italy as in Albania and China. Permissive legislation, low costs of labor, tax breaks and tax up to 15%  have allowed the Italian entrepreneurs to succeed in Albania.

Momenti di lavoro - Ital Costruzioni


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Autostrada Tirane - Durres,
Maminas, Durres 

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Ital Costruzioni is specialized in production to digest.

In this process the company on the one hand guarantees that the client's technical requirements are fully met without any defect and on the other all products carried in our factory are conform to ISO standards of the European Community