ITAL COSTRUZIONI shpk originates from a twenty years experience of its founder in the steel construction, the field of metalworking and welding. The experience in various sectors ranging from steel structures and metal objects in general, to the construction of plants for the gas purification process, including design and construction. We go straight from our management and our technical department of engineers to the projection of steel structures.
Ital Costruzioni sh.p.k offers projection and construction of all projects realized in steel. Characterized by the open policy towards the market and professionalism, Ital Costruzioni has the potential to offer to its public and private customers the guarantee of a reliable structure, organized and managed in accordance with international rules and regulations UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.
Our area of activity includes projection, construction of industrial and civil buildings, and realization of show room keys in hand.




Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio. This is the basis for a quality structure with smaller foundations required, and lower material costs.



Steel structures (according to the normative provided by the seismic center) react different to the seismic actions. An intelligent construction is a solution which benefits the individuals and the surrounding environment, protects the entire planet and its scarce resources. Environmental protection alludes recycling and durability. Steel perfectly responds to these principles since:

• Steel is a 100% recyclable material (dismantling a steel structure is easy and economic)
• The steel structure has a longer life cycle, considering also the opportunities of using it for another destination, eluding environmental pollution (scrap material, energy consumption etc.)
• Due to the advanced coloring technology and galvanization, steel preserves its features during the entire construction period.



Steel is innovative, easily adaptive and a highly secure material. Steel has the ability to create spacious lightened environments. The possibility of projecting an ample building without inside columns, gives opportunity to an unconstrained space and abundance of light.

The designer has the chance to create large areas which no other traditional material can realize. A variety of profiles, visible asses of the columns and large amount of solutions guarantee the aesthetic aspect and lighting in the whole surface. These solutions personalize the image of our company and characterize our constructing.



Steel structures are among the safest and seismically more adaptable. Often the visible unions, consent the inspection of the structure also after many years. The materials and their quality have been tested in prior and do not depend on atmospheric conditions.
The cases, in which the steel structures are under extreme stimulation are rare.



Steel is able to make use in an intelligent way of other construction elements, such as glass, where the natural lightning allows for economical savings and fascinating transparency.



Due to the variety and the elegance of these forms, steel allows for a design with no limits.



The competition and the different solutions steel offers, are testified not only from the architectonic elegance or structural ability and adaptability of construction materials but also from the elements which change the final costs in order to realize the steel structure.



• The high level of the pre-fabrication of the steel structures and the simplicity of covering the metallic carpentry with closing steel elements, make possible the realization on record time of the structure with keys in your hands.
• The coverage (control is guaranteed, quality standards with absolute credibility) diminishes risks towards atmospheric environmental factors.
• Steel construction is quick. Quicker construction means reduced labor force and fewer time-consuming preliminaries.
• Quick construction also means that a building is finished earlier, allowing building owners to achieve faster return on their investment.
• The standardization of your choice in steel reduces delivery time of the construction, without limiting its architectonic personalization.



Steel perfectly serves the needs of the designer, by creating arched elements, linear, with different colors and materials.



Constructing without columns or using really thin ones, give opportunity to the natural lighting and the clear lines to constitute a variety of choices for the designer to realize brilliant ideas and achieve prestigious results.



Due to the light structure, steel constructions allow the collaboration of most innovative and adaptable materials. Steel structures do not reject the usage of elements as: wood and glass making possible also the necessary treatment for resistance against fire.



• The environmental protection is critical to our efforts.
• Steel structures are reusable and recyclable materials.
• Since they are lighter when compared to other materials, their transport causes less environmental incidents.
• Steel is easily recycled, simply by contacting the specialized centers. Every year 435 million tons of steel are recycled. This quantity represents on average 50% of all steel used: which is equal to 1.2 million cars every day.
• Steel can be recycled more than once without loosing quality, as a result steel remaining have a value and are often recycled.




• Technical assistance
• Supply of finished structural elements
• Supply of finished materials or according to the projects
• Mass cut executed with plasma or cutting machine
• Profile marking
• Puncture with control number
• Thermal cut with robot
• Cut with plasma HD
• Bending of the metals
• Welding
• Puncture, cut of the plates and angular
• Mechanical smoothing
• Straightening
• Application of the pegs on beams
• Robot welding of the elements and accessories
• Blasting with metallic granulated stone
• Sandblasting + painting primer
• Sandblasting + organic/inorganic zinc
• Galvanization in hot
• Testing



ITAL COSTRUZIONI sh.p.k is equipped with an inside assemblage team, which uses the following facilities:

• Tracks for the transport of the materials
• Auto crane for assemblage of 63 meters height
• Vehicle for personal transport
• Air platforms
• Various equipment
• Container storage yard and office equipment




Instruments used from ITAL Costruzioni are informative. We would like to emphasize that collaboration is not limited only to the people using these programs, but also to all the individuals that have the same goal: the accuracy of a structural project, security of its users and optimism of the means of the builder. We calculate with Sap 2000, following step by step the referring normative. Another important instrument is the knowledge of the normative and the possession of a rich library that allows know-how of the international experts.


We design in 2D (Autocad) or 3D (Tekla Xsteel or Solid Edge) according to the demand of our clients and the difficulty of the project. The designing activity has become easier and highly productive due to the numerous macros. Modeling in 3D follows the same steps (first cutting and puncture, to continue with welding of the different parts, the real constructing done on a computer) and we eliminate a large amount of realization problems. The special attention paid towards the final cost, makes us more competitive on the design and constructing market.