• Beams type IPE-HEA/B/M standard, simplified and special from 80 to 1000 mm
• Simple profiles INP and UNP
• Open and angular profiles
• Plates adapted for joints or welded reinforcements
• Burbach Rails
• Welded beams with automatic plants qualified by international certified structures
• Laminates
• Structural hot and cold pipes, square and rectangular – pre-processed
• Black sheets from coils, pickled, polished, galvanized, ribbed, textured, corrugated
• Non-alloy steel plates for pressure vessels and boilers
• Steel sheets in construction quality
• Steel sheet ABRAZO/R.Q.T.


1- Steel structures

Ital Costruzioni designs industrial buildings starting from the foundations. Ital Costruzioni has a long experience in the use of sandwich coatings that can be used to obtain economic structures and of great visual impact. A service offered by us in favor of our clients is the prelimina weight and cost calculation that the structure will have. This allowes the customer to assess the approximate costs of the structure.

2 - Civil and industrial buildings

Ital Costruzioni Ltd provides calculations and construcion projects in steel structures in civil-construction. Citing as examples: buildings, offices, shopping centers, sport facilities, bridges, parking, blankets, shelter, etc. The company can address and solve particular issues related to: use of composite steel-concrete structures and other materials (steel columns or mixed steel-concrete beams, sheet roof with cooperative or circular, wooden roof, reinforced masonry).

3- Industrial steel plants

Ital Costruzioni calculates and designs structures as (machinery, pipes, tapes, plants) for various applications. We offer an ample range of products, such as: silos, tanks, sevice facilities, towers, masts, conveyor belts, roofs, porches, hoppers, platforms, stairs.

4- Commercial centers in steel

5- Industrial and commercial steel buildings

6- Sport centers in steel

7- Multi-floor steel building

8- Highway steel dividers

9- Steel show-rooms

10- Steel pylons

11- Steel carpentry

12- Bridge cranes

13- Steel bridge

14- Steel joints